By way of specialization, Nolte Mezzanine offers the following solutions:

All-Deck Single

The most basic version of our mezzanine floor. But basic does not automatically mean average!

All-Deck Double

The All-Deck Double Mezzanine is often installed for floors with conveyor belts, roller conveyors or automatic transport systems.

Mobile (archive) racks

The ideal solution for efficiently partitioning archive rooms!

Machine manufacturing/maintenance platform

Technicians need access to installations and machines for maintenance. Nolte Mezzanine can design such a maintenance platform for you.

Conveyor supports

Special systems to store paintings as efficiently and accessible as possible.

Automated transport systems

In order to keep your robotics functioning, the support structures may not bend too much. A precise system that is sometimes comes down to the millimeter and requires a high-end solution.

Stepovers and cat ladders

Accessibility is often an important issue in logistics environments and production areas. With our stepover, cat ladders and ramps, we always offer the right solution.

Heavy duty warehouses

A mezzanine floor that can take a lot of weight!

Stairs and Stairwells

To gain access to different floors, Nolte Mezzanine designs and supplies many staircases and stairwells. We have suitable solutions for both indoor and outdoor areas.

Big projects & intercontinental

A large-scale project outside the Netherlands? Nolte Mezzanine has many years of experience in the design, production and supply of mezzanine floors. In addition, Nolte Mezzanine has a large worldwide client network.

Fencing and mesh walls

Being able to work safely at heights with Nolte Mezzanine's custom-made fencing and mesh walls.

Pallet platforms

Nolte Mezzanine offers various options for pallet handling, where pallets from the ground floor are placed on an above floor with a forklift truck, in order to work as safely and efficiently as possible.